If you want to bring balance to your life through yoga, make your body stronger and more flexible, and improve your sense of physical and mental wellbeing, I warmly invite you to join my classes and let yourself be inspired by yoga!  Yoga is bliss.  And it is deeply rewarding.  With a regular practice, its benefits will no doubt echo into your life off the mat.

I have created this website to share with you the inspiration I find in practicing and teaching yoga.  If you would like to find out more about Yogamoodra, please click here or use the menu above to guide you around the site. For updates and more information on my classes, please send me an email or visit my Facebook page.

I hope to meet you soon in one of my classes!

Ebru Kapsal


May 15, 2015
I’m stoked to see my article on Karma Yoga published in the latest issue of Yoga Journal Turkey! For now only available in Turkish… iyi okumalar! : ) Ganj nehrinin kıyılarında bulunan Rishikesh’ten sevgilerle, Ebru

Karma Yoga – Bir hayalim var!

January 17, 2015
I’m delighted to announce that, together with Zeynep Bicer (Anka Yoga), I’ll be co-teaching monthly Karma yoga fundraising classes for a good cause.  All proceeds will go towards the care of street animals in Kusadasi. The classes will take place on 24 January, 21 February and 21 March at 15.00-16.30 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel behind the Marina.  Come join us and tell your friends!  The more yogis, the happier our furry friends! : )  Love & peace, Ebru

January 12, 2015
Here’s a blog post of mine, which I hope will be read by lots of people out there…  Feel free to share.  Let’s disarm mainstream media and contribute to spreading more awareness, unity and love!!!  Love & light, Ebru


April 10, 2014
Once again, I’m back in India studying, teaching and living yoga.  Tag cloud: gratitude, love, joy, blessing, inspiration, depth, flow, magic….. and chai! : )  I plan to be back in Turkey in August.  Until then, my group classes will be taught by other certified teachers.  Love & good vibes from Rishikesh.  Hari Om!

“India’s epic tales the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are so rich in magic, mystery, and metaphor as to make the Iliad and the Bible seem like austere short stories. Compared to India’s ornate temples, colorful rituals, and pantheon of gods and goddesses, Roman Catholicism seems as plain as vanilla.” – Philip Goldberg, American Veda

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