Yoga is stress management!  There is scientific evidence that proves the stress-relieving benefits of yoga and meditation, and more and more corporations offer on-site yoga classes for their employees.  Next to improved stress management and RSI prevention, yoga and meditation can enhance cognitive skills, such as creativity, strategic planning, problem-solving as well as communication skills.

Having worked in demanding, high profile corporate environments myself and, maybe even more so, from teaching yoga to employees in corporate working environments, I can say from experience that yoga can make a tangible difference.  At the very least, it will contribute to reducing tension and stress at the workplace and to an improved sense of wellbeing and inner balance.  A yoga class in the office is an opportunity for employees to get out of their head, let everything go for an hour, and go back to work with a clearer head.  It also helps to create a more positive and productive working environment, cultivates teamwork, and increases the overall effectiveness of the workplace.

Yogamoodra offers on-site and off-site corporate yoga classes and workshops.  If you are interested in bringing yoga to your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

If you would like to read more on why yoga is catching out on corporations, please have a look at a recently published article: Yoga Journal | Incorporating Yoga

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